Frequently Asked Questions

What limitations does the demo version of LeaveTracker have?
  • Demo mode has one limitation; no more than three employee records can be added to the database in demo mode. This limitation can be removed by entering the license key received at the time of purchase.

Are annual upgrades of LeaveTracker required?
  • No, LeaveTracker is easily reset at the end of each year ready for the next year. All year-end data and settings are carried forward in a new copy of LeaveTracker, leaving the old copy for archiving.

What is your upgrade policy?
  • Updates within the same major version number are free. If an update of LeaveTracker is released, it may be downloaded at any time. The version updating process is simple and quick, with no loss of data or settings.

How can I justify purchasing LeaveTracker?
  • We believe LeaveTracker is a uniquely excellent value considering how well it serves its intended purpose, and the time saved and errors avoided in its use. It will quickly pay for itself. Newbex provides timely and personal support to our customers for at least a year after purchase, including minor customization if required. We have invested and will continue to invest extensive development and testing time to create and maintain LeaveTracker. No annual upgrades are required. Free updates.

What features are planned for future versions of LeaveTracker?
  • Numerous features are under consideration. Your feedback is important (and appreciated) in determining the direction of future versions of LeaveTracker. We will do our best to accommodate your special requirements.


How do I uninstall a LeaveTracker or FisCalendar if it isn’t what I want?
  • Uninstalling is extremely simple. Just delete the original file. All data and settings are stored within that file. Also, care is always taken to ensure that our products never carry viruses or other malware.

Why an Excel application instead of a standalone application?
  • Microsoft Excel is a very versatile program, with a powerful macro language (VBA), so it is an ideal platform for developing compact data-based applications such as LeaveTracker and FisCalendar. Also, virtually all of our potential customers already have Excel, so no additional expense is usually required.

Is LeaveTracker or FisCalendar compatible with Microsoft Excel for Mac?
  • A Mac version of LeaveTracker is available upon request. Please let us know if you would like a Mac version of FisCalendar.

What other products are planned?
  • While it is premature to discuss products under consideration, your feedback is important (and appreciated) in determining future products.

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