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FisCalendar is a Microsoft Excel application for configuring printable calendars for any fiscal year, with automatic display of statutory holidays and day-of-year. It is designed primarily for people with accounting responsibilities, although it's useful for anyone.

Horizontal Calendar - Printed View
Vertical Calendar - Printed View
  • any fiscal year ending in any month
  • shows day-of-year on the calendar
  • horizontal and vertical formats
A calendar with a fiscal difference.
  • automatic display of statutory holidays (USA & Canada)
  • user-definable holidays allow worldwide use
  • designate Friday or Monday for statutory holidays falling on Saturday
  • no external files are created, portable
  • system requirements: Microsoft Excel 2003 or later, Windows OS, colour-capable printer for printed output

There's more information in the User Guide
(included with the FisCalendar download).

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Calendar Settings

FisCalendar 1.1.0,