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Employee Leave Record - Screen View
  • clear and concise graphical tracking system
  • intuitive interface, easy to maintain, easy to understand
  • flexible options for your organization’s unique needs
  • visual approach and validation checks avoid common errors
  • fiscal year ending in any month
  • up to four types of paid leave, plus unpaid leave
  • no external files are created, portable
  • targeted at organizations of 5 to 250 employees
A fresh approach to tracking employee leave.

LeaveTracker is a Microsoft Excel application for tracking and scheduling paid time off for employees in an organization. Its intuitive graphical interface, developed and refined over eight years of actual use, makes it a winning leave system.

LeaveTracker is easy to use, and easy to read, a vast improvement over the complexity of competing products. While providing complete and accurate leave records, its automation helps avoid frustration and mistakes, quickly justifying its cost.
  • vacation leave, sick leave, etc. are colour-coded on the calendar
  • automatic display of statutory holidays on the calendar (USA & Canada)
  • user-definable holidays allow worldwide use
  • designate Friday or Monday for statutory holidays falling on Saturday
  • up to ten changes in weekly hours per year
  • allows partial days of leave
  • vacation rate override allows changes during the year
  • automatic saving of employee leave data
  • one-button automated carry-forward to future years
  • easy updating to future versions of LeaveTracker
Colourful, powerful, and easy.
  • single-user or multi-user (sharing) mode
  • your choice of date formats
  • customizable fields for employee data
  • administrative options are password protectable
  • system requirements: Microsoft Excel 2007 or later, Windows OS, colour-capable printer for printed output
Lots of options.

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Employee Leave Record - Printed View
Setup Options
Leave Tracking Report - Printed View
  • one-button organization-wide reports at any time
  • sort reports by name, seniority, department, etc. (up to four criteria)
  • display reports for any month of the fiscal year using pop-up menu
  • NEW in LeaveTracker 1.3 - a year-to-date leave report of all employees, exportable for further processing as desired

There's more information in the User Guide
(included with the LeaveTracker download).

Automatic reports.
All LeaveTracker purchases include at least one year of devoted support. Let us know your wants and needs so we can make LeaveTracker even more useful to you. Make LeaveTracker your leave tracker!
We care for our customers.
“You have provided us with exceptional customer service and customized our leave database to meet our ever-changing needs.”

Christie J Scales, Program Manager, KEYS Job Centre, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

LeaveTracker 1.3.0,